Beautiful Momma and her boy

family photographer gig harbor Berrylane Lobato 0014


Even dodging rain drops, any time of year, you can get the most beautiful images and life long memories! This little guy was the biggest ham in front of the camera. Such a sweet smile and adorable giggle!I think this momma is going to treasure these pictures forever ❤

Photo Tip: Using Negative Space

Photographer Tacoma Gig Harbor NS Maddy Tacoma senior photographer Connor NS Senior Pictures Photographer gig harbor NS CieraNegative Space is Positive!

If you have any experience in the field of art, you might be familiar with the term negative space.  Negative space is all the space that surrounds the subject (the positive space), and when taking pictures you can use it to help bring more attention to your subject.

When taking snapshots, most people simply have their subject in the middle of the frame.  This is one way to focus on the subject.  But why not increase the negative space to actually draw the eye to the subject even more.   In the pictures shown, the negative space is clean and uncluttered so the eye is quickly drawn to the subject.  These examples show how the negative space highlights the positive space, ultimately keeping the focus on the subject.

To get the best use of your negative space, be sure it is clean and uncluttered.  Also, play with the placement and size of your subject within the frame of your picture.  You’ll be surprised at the many different looks you can create! And above all, have fun. There really is no wrong way to take a picture when it includes someone you love!

Did You Get a New Camera???

Learn To Use Your CameraDid you get a DSLR camera as a gift, or save up and finally purchased one, but now feel stuck because you have no idea how to use it? This happens to all of us when we get our first nice camera, they just don’t really come ready to use and master.

I was soooo excited when I got my first Nikon d50 way back when. I quickly learned I didn’t have a clue how to use it properly! What is even  worse was trying to read through the manual and still being lost. So many people have been in this situation, so don’t let your frustration hold you back from learning!

Your camera is a powerful tool and learning to use it will pay off for years with better pictures from vacations, better pictures of your family and all the memorable events in your life that you want to capture in the best way possible!

We have found some really awesome people out there who are experienced with a camera, and have laid out the basics of where to start in a simplified, beginner friendly way! Below are five different links, so find the one that best suits you and is most helpful-and have fun learning and playing with your new toy!

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  2. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition blog post
  3. Ash Burton blog post
  4. The Photographer Blog
  5. I Heart Faces Blog

Amazing family of EIGHT!!

Gig harbor family photography 0005


This wonderful family is new to the Gig Harbor area. I was super excited to be the photographer to take these wonderful pictures that they can use to show their friends what Washington and their new home looks like!

I was so impressed with how well behaved every single one of these sweet children were. They new exactly what was going to happen and exactly how they needed to behave and they did it happily. Great big shout out to mom and dad for raising such terrific children.

And- do you see how adorable their outfits were! Perfectly matching but not too matchy-matchy!!! I LOVE it!!!!

What to Wear Wednesday!


As summer rolls along, we can’t help but let “back to school” slip into conversations. It’s inevitable. So, we say embrace it. And here we have a fantastic late summer/early fall look for the whole family. You could add a little sweater to complete the little girl’s look if you wanted a more “autumn” feel. Schedule your family session today! wtw spring family 2

What to Wear Wednesday!

Are you a guy whose mom is insisting on senior pictures? Or a mom with a son who will be graduating this next school year? If so, this What to Wear Wednesday is for you! Often times, guys struggle with choosing outfits for their sessions. They don’t have a lot of the same options as girls do, so it’s easy to get stuck. But below, you’ll see how picking a color pallet can make it easier. Plus, switching up the shoes can create visual interest. Below, the shorts and jeans go with all three tops, so just by switching those up, you can create six different looks.

wtw guy 10